Dr Paula Sheppard


  • Becoming a First-Time Grandparent and Subjective Well-Being: A Fixed Effects Approach

  • Cross-cultural evidence does not support universal acceleration of puberty in father-absent households

  • The Additive Advantage of Having Educated Grandfathers for Children's Education: Evidence from a Cross-National Sample in Europe

  • Grandparent effects on educational outcomes: A systematic review

  • Does community-based point of care HIV testing reduce late HIV diagnosis? A retrospective study in England and Wales.

  • How does childhood socioeconomic hardship affect reproductive strategy? Pathways of development

  • Developmental influences on fertility decisions by women: an evolutionary perspective

  • Do grandparents compete with or support their grandchildren? In Guatemala, paternal grandmothers may compete, and maternal grandmothers may cooperate

  • Childhood family disruption and adult height: is there a mediating role of puberty?

  • Father Absence and Reproduction-Related Outcomes in Malaysia, a Transitional Fertility Population

  • Fostering relations: first sex and marital timings for children raised by kin and non-kin carers

  • Father absence predicts age at sexual maturity and reproductive timing in British men

  • A Not-So-Grim Tale: How Childhood Family Structure Influences Reproductive and Risk-Taking Outcomes in a Historical U.S. Population

  • Using sequence analysis to test if human life histories are coherent strategies.

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